How happy you were in college??


How  happy i were when i was in college? Yea pretty darn happy.

I did a lot of stuff when i was a freshman like marching band, being a crew of some campus events. But you know, those stuff was sucks at the beggining, i were tired, stressed, and high tenses but when i remember that time again, i smile at myself and yea im happy, happy because its done.

But the most things that make me happy is people dude. People is unique, some of them an asshole, an angel, a jerk, good one, religious one, yea so many kind of people. They are all make ma happy. Really? even the jerk and asshole people? Yea man, without them you cant have a drama, right? yea, drama. thats a good stuff in campus. Campus is just like drama comedy, even the jerk made a mistake, hillarious mistake. You know, people is people, they are all funny on their way, trust me.


See those picture? you see the happinees right? happy is happy. Good man, bad man, who cares. See we were happy, happy running. I didnt say those picture full of people that i hate, no! But  some people ever pissed me of maybe one or twice, but i didnt mind, they are all my friends anyway. My campus has a annual event every year that we can play traditional games, because we are 90’s kids. Good campus. So that picture show you the first game of that annual event. Running baby.


In this one too, good guy, bad guy, asshole, angel, whatever i didnt care, we just shared umbrella together, see? we were happy sharing. When the rain is coming who’s want to get wet? We were on the field and we didnt want to got wet and ‘masuk angin’ right. So everyone who has an umbrella got to share their space. Happy sharing even with the jerk or fellows.


this one called ‘happy fighting’. It was the third game, i guess. I forgot. ‘Tarik Tambang’ pretty famous in here, and its fun too. You know what? we lose the game, but who cares, we were happy anyways. See my junior on the blue shirt? she was so so exited..

Basically i did a lot of stuff in college, learned a lot of stuff too in 5 years. Pretty darn hard but i make it man. Most of the pics that you see are the pics that have a happiness soul. Good or bad day, i always put my smile on. Show off my teeth.




I like my college, people just dont afraid to do something stupid, as long as they happy to do it. Looks like old man but act like 5 years old kid. No matter i hate some people, but in my opinion sometimes they did something funny and made me smile even in second. Most important thing that i know is i was and am happy. College gave me experiences about people and teach me about happiness. Well thanks University.


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