Watching Pokemon!


So many things happened to me in this week, so i need something that can make me enjoy and forget about all of my problems and shits. So, i decided to watch pokemon again.

I feel like i am a Elementary kid again, you know man i watched first time when i was in elementary school every saturday night. You know, i came from Riau, so i always watched Malaysian channel, and pokemon was every saturday night on channel 3 with my baby brother. And if you asked me which indonesian channel pokemon was in Indonesia? well i have no idea.

The most thing that i like about watched it again is, the intro. Its so good, and sing along. Well, may be its kind of wierd 22 years old girl sings pokemon intro in her dorm, you can make fun of me about that, uh but i i dont care.

From all of the pokemons i like pikachu and squirtle the most. Which pokemon that you like most?


5 thoughts on “Watching Pokemon!

    • you love psyduck? really? owh, psyduck maybe look dumb but when the got evolution, BAM! become awesome Golduck..yeaah. OMG, I always thought that i am the only adult who still love Pokemon.
      Squirtle has special space in my heart. Awesome evolution too, with awesome big water gun.

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