Owi Turtle

treehouse_moat (1)This is a story how i met my turtle.

When the first time i came to those jungle, i was happy and shocked, how can this place is so ugly and dirty? but one thing that catched my eyes is one big brown mountain with dry trees. The mountain wasnt big but it was really close so you’re gonna thing that you can touch it. It was so dry, months without rain. Everything were browning and dry.

The second time to the jungle i knew better what to expect and i knew what i wanted. I was young on that time, very young. One day, in the morning, it was a very busy morning. I was hungry and thought i would have a cup of hot choco and i need something heavy for my tummy. So, i went out and searched something to eat. On that early morning, even the sun wasnt coming out i walked in cold and i found a turtle. “Oh, that turtle must be hungry too” i think. I struggled to find something to eat and i just walked and walked.

Time by time, I got used in the jungle. See many kind of animals made me happy sometimes. And it was getting colder on that time. Rain was coming. I spent night by night to survive and did my work happily, i was very busy. I remember when i wanted to sleep, i always looked at my walls and saw lizards and i can see stars up of my head, and i listed to the talk of the cricket matches, but i love here. It is a great jungle with a lot of trees much too cold for rain season for good sense, inhabited by compassionated, intelligent people with bad haidos did their work, and beautiful animals. Anyway i cant go home until my work done.

One day, six months after the first time i came,  after i worked, i found some turtles in front of my tent with orange carrot on their mouth, they ate and hanging out i guess. And i found something among them, the turtle was hungry on that morning. “Hey we met again” i thought. After day that i was getting used to met it on the street, although sometimes i was wondering why i met it almost everyday? but it was just a turtle anyway.

Three years later, i came back. I had another work in jungle. I came with my companion. It was really long time job, and actually i had no idea what it was, and i wasnt excited. We moved to another part of jungle to isolated some animals. And with me the old one turtle. I met it again. “Hey how can that turtle joined this program?”

First, i didt like it, because i found that little green tiny turtle was so annoying. And day after day i got used to it. I sort of like it, so i decided to gave it a name, i called it Owi. Owi should became a white clean cat name. Because it represent snow. Snow, snowy, owy.. But i gave to green tiny turtle instead.

Because the isolated thing me and my companion cant contacted anyone, we just had to survive and wait when the time up. We become busy by ourself, some people playing around, some people just sleeping to rushing up the time, some people went fishing near the river and me? i just busy playing with Owi. We became close, and close. When i waking up i saw it, and so when i gonna go to sleep again.

Owi become a very nice turtle, always made me laugh, and we love to eat something sweet, in the human world maybe we both love to eat ice cream. But ofcourse its a turtle, Owi love to eat fish specially little catfish. The wierdest thing is Owi like to smell a soating stinky beans, if it smell it it become so harmonious turtle.

There one beach close to our tent in isolated jungle. It was quite good and beautiful. Me and my companion walked to that beach a lot. Specially me and Owi, i love to take it to the beach in the afternoon, and saw sunset together. One day, in the beautiful afternoon i took Owi to the shore near the beach to sit and chill. The sky was so orange, purple, blue made an ombre gradation. The wind is so strong blowing our face and the sun just looked tired and ready to go. We sat there until its dark. That was one of my most beautiful moment with Owi.

I stayed with Owi for quite long time. Long time to get used to live with a companion. After a longest time, me and the others got to back to city and all the animals too. Owi left, he go with the rest of the turtles, back to their jugle, their home. He left me with the saddest goodbye. He left and i felt there something caught in my throttle. I really wanted to take it with me but, turtle like a bird, some bird cant be caged. Most thing that i wonder that how can i knew it years after the first time i saw it. How can i got used to met it almost averyday years back then, how can i enjoyed my time with it years after, and how can i still remember that  first morning? well, i dont know. Sometimes i think its like destiny i met and knowing him.

Owi had stayed with me for long time. Ive never forgotten him. In Yann Martell words “Dare to say i miss him? yes i do. I still see him in my dreams. They are nightmares mostly, but nightmares tingled with love. Such is strangeness of the human heart. I still cannot understand how he abandoned me so unceremoniously, the pain is like an axe that chops at my heart.”


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