Beautiful Minangnese


I didnt know how those paraffin guys appear instead of Rumah Gadang. But well, forget it. Now, im gonna talk about my hometown. Proudly to say im a minangnese. Originally both of my parent came from West Sumatra and then moved out to Riau. I was born and raised in Dumai as known as Oil City in Riau. Eventhough i didnt raise in West Sumatra and my minangnese laguage doesnt good, but i love my original culture.

When i was kid, i love to spend my school holiday in my granny’s house in Payakumbuh, West Sumatra. Her house is like temple for us. Specially for my dad. My dad raised in city, so i can tell he didnt have ‘kampung’. Thats why that he loves my mom’s house in Payakumbuh. And i can say, my dad is a lucky guy, because my mom is the only child, so there are just us in my granny’s. In my granny’s house you can sleep all day with a cold and fresh air, eat local food, local veggies, and the place is so quiet. My granny’s house is so different rather than our house in Riau, you can imagine, hot and oily place, bathed in sunshine, no trees just palm trees there and everywhere. But in Payakumbuh we have trees, shrubs, and climbing plants, flame of forest, jackfruites, mangoes and many others. So its more heavenly.

West Sumatra is still has viscous culture so its still traditional and  so beautiful, the air is so fresh, quiet and ofcourse the famous ‘minangnese food’ that you cant reject.

390894_2593408084531_1974174518_n      378995_2581837395271_1014528724_n

 One of my mom’s favorite is ‘lamang’. When we visit our granny’s house my mom always buy this. And the second one is my dad’s fav, called ‘bika’ and i like it too. Those two foods are the sweet type of foods, so you can tell those are desserts.

And if you wondering what is look like of West Sumatra, here i show you couple pictures of it. These all pictures belongs to Mr. Erison J Kambari. He is a proffesional photographer in West Sumatra. I loveeeee his photos. We ever talked to him on chatroom, and we get along.  He is very kind person.

 215765_1957667111404_6604853_n      553665_3710296646047_1724404391_n         228015_4597406983251_194097072_n 263857_4635922626118_1142996934_n       313691_2530460150872_177474801_n 306253_3796291595867_650330755_n       249614_2081973458985_2118992_n

The video has a bad quality, sorry. 😀 How is it? Pretty right? I hope you want to visit my hometown sometimes. Its worth.

And this is my granny’s very old house “Rumah Gadang” in Payakumbuh. Kind of creepy? indeed. We dont live in there anymore but we stay in the other modern house in front of it.



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