Happy Gardening


My mom came to visit me two weeks ago, and she spent her time watching youtube by herself about gardening. She obsessed about Adenium flower. She and my dad are growing pots of adenium right now at our house in Riau. They got red, pink, yellow, deep red, single petal, double petals adenium, so many in our backyard. And ofcourse there is still the biggest giant adenium that almost in my age that my mom planted. Sadly i dont have the pic, so i cant show you. If i come back home in Riau, i’ll take a pic of it. Adenium grow pretty well in Riau, because of the sun, hot temperature, humid air – bit oily to be honest, those are good for adenium plant or people called Desert Rose.

And i actually not too interest about adenium thing, but i love gardening too like my mom. To be honest i more like to grow some veggies. But i dont have a chance to do it here. So today, i spent my time  watched youtube about urban garden. I pretty amazed that people in city try to manage their spare tiny space for garden. They grew some veggies, herbs, edible flowers and fruits on their backyard. And they consume it even they can sell it to the local market.


I think growing your own food on your back yard is pretty antiquated but its really works to reduce the expence for food. Specially if you lived in city that everything is so expensive. And its really healthy ofcourse. You can make your own compost from the leaves and branches from environment. So you dont have to use any chemical fertilizer.

If i have time i really want to bring back that life style in my home, the urban gardening. So we can eat the food that we grew ourself. And our backyard become all green and become a pleasant place to chill.  And my mom said gardening can get rid of your stresses, good for us. I imagined that in the afternoon i take my shovel, my boots, my gloves and i start loose soil, try to rid weeds and enjoy the fresh afternoon air. And after that i chill in benches below tree that i put in garden, and enjoy my tea time. And  in the morning i pick some vegetables and fruits that i want to eat on that day. Wow such as wonderful imagination.


But gardening in 20th era is not something that delightful. These days no kids know about gardening, even their parent’s house dont have any. I remember when i was kid, my school book theres always a story about gardening. And i didnt know about the school books of elemetary kid nowadays. But the only thing i know is no kids love to grow something. They stuck on their gadget and play games all day. Pathetic.

I read article today, and i found that in States they have ‘Celebrity Garnener’. Thats cool. I think States now considering about urban gardening and try to bring back the ancient culture that grow food by ourself in society. And celebrity gardener hepls alot for teaching and showing the new style of life and bring it to the people. Celebrity gardener make gardening alive again.  And gardening now is one of a famous hobby and it become hits for adults in States  even kids.


I hope we have ‘Celebrity Gardener’ too in Indonesia soon, so can teach kids, and the other people how to grow plant on their yard. Not just growing food, but also growing happiness.


4 thoughts on “Happy Gardening

  1. gardening is quite fun actually.. aapalagi menunggu si tanaman mulai tumbuh ketika kita menanamnya dari nol.

  2. I enjoy your blog! I really like gardening too. We just got in a big crop of zucchini. Alas, the children don’t enjoy it. Hopefully it will catch on with the young folks and continue.

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