Out of Town

So today, i went to Floating Market. It isnt the real floating market actually, it is a park. Those park is not bad, pretty good and quite big so you can walk around the park, enjoy the garden, the lake, and enjoy the air. For me, this park has fresh air, even it more fresh than my town-college. There are so many spots that you can enjoy, the stones garden, flowers garden, strawberries farm, the wooden bridge and the boats. The boats in middle of the lake catched my eyes, they are decorated by fruits, flowers, so its lovely.


The Wooden Bridge


Boat of Fruits


Violet Flowers Garden


And ofcourse the floating markets-food market. You can buy and enjoy so many foods there. Sit, chill and diggin foods.


Boat of Foods

IMG_3803Place to Chillin

If you want to, you can rent the canoe and enjoy and explore the whole lake.



For me to be honest, those floating market isnt special but i just loveeeee the air on that area, so clean and fresh. And it feels like im letting my lung rest from inhaling the poison air in city. So i can tell, i was happy.


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