Tempe Mountain, Indonesia


So, if you dont lived Indonesia, you may not know what it is. Its ‘Tempe Goreng’ or ‘Goreng Tempe’, in english Deep-fried Crispy Tempe. Tempe is  fermented soybean, traditional Indonesian food.Tempe has been a staple in Indonesia  for over 2000 years. Some people said tempe is from Java, and now its a common food in Indonesia. You can find tempe everywhere here, in Restaurant even in Street-food. If you never eat it, tempe’s  flavor has nutty, meaty, and mushroom-like which is delicious.

I like tempe so much, and i eat it almost everyday. Specially Tempe Goreng or  Deep-fried Crispy Tempe. Tempe coated by spices batter and then deep fried in very hot oil. So, so savory and crispy, i can eat it all day long as snack or i eat it with my fried rice. If you are a vegetarian, you will like this one. It has high protein content so its a wonderful subtitute for meat and has vitamin such as B12.  I usually just buy it, i never made it by myself. You can found it in street vendor very easily. And here is my college friend Miss Nita, and her Hot Tempe Mountain in rainy day.



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