Flowers in Bloom, East Java

Heavy rain tonight, and cold here. So, suddenly i remembered about Flower Garden in East Java that i visited about a year ago. The garden located in Tulungrejo Village-Bumiaji District, East Java.  It has mountain air that totally refreshing and cold- 59 until 77°Fahrenheit, well thats cold for us as tropical people.

It has bunch of lily’s and the other flowers that i dont know their names. All that i know is the have various colors of lily, white, red, yellow, orange, etc.  And, they are absolutely beautiful. The garden is pretty wide, so you can easily exploring the garden-walking path. Its a perfect place for picnic. May be its not as beautiful as Koekenhof Garden but this is all we got. This garden available in all year because here we dont have winter or fall. So, if you visit Java, specially East Java, please check it.






IMG_1419The most beautiful about the garden, i think is the stone covered by moss. Underneath of it there is glass of aquarium with plenty golden fishes, and also decorated by small flowers at the edge. And the fountain ofcourse as the complement.




Farm Landscape



14 thoughts on “Flowers in Bloom, East Java

  1. MALANG!!!!! hardly wait for the next holiday, wishing me get the ticket to visit such a beautiful garden!!!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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