For Women Being In An Embrace

535_cd pay ted2

“For Women Being In An Embrace”

Doesn’t feel that the darkness finally fell
At the end of the evening to morning cold
Only a handful of stars tonight
Perhaps because you are exceedingly beautiful currently

Then my eyes feels ashamed
Getting deep and it embarassed this time
Sometimes also it was afraid
When must passed path on its escape

At night
Toward the morning
Bit worried
Many misses

Here again my absurdity. So, i was spending all night working and studying for my research. And i accompanied by local band called “Payung Teduh”. Their songs have the aura of 60s era, clad with the shades of Jazz, and more interesting is, has Keroncong twist on it. Keroncong is Javanese traditional music.

You can hear that it has very unique local traditional taste, which is brillian. And for me its a very good song so far, specially when i want go to the bed, its kind of lullaby for me. And ofcourse the lyrics is so so so poetic. Interesting lyrics. Thumbs up for these men.

Here is the link, please check them, they are really really great

Please comment down below if you like them too 😀


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