Dahlias Blooming


Photo by Erison J Kambari


11 thoughts on “Dahlias Blooming

  1. I grow dahlias every year in my garden, but NEVER have I seen (or even imagined) a field of them that looks like this. Thank you for showing me what this wonderful flower can be!

      • Do you have animals in your country that eat your dahlia bulbs? Here, squirrels, voles and other rodents dig them up and chew on them!! It’s very annoying!

        You have a beautiful day!

      • I can fight back against squirrels and such! I was just curious because your natural ecology must be very different from mine to grow such luxurious, fabulous, colorful, exuberant (I can’t think of words big enough) flowers as the ones in this photograph.

      • Yes, its so different, tropical here. Oowh, good luck with that 😀 and i really want to see your garden update soon 😀 specially the pink peonies, we dont have it much here.

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