Lampion Wishes on Vesak Day, Borobudur Temple, Indonesia

Yesterday was Vesak Day, and some of my friends went to Borobudur Temple, Center of Java to see Lampion’s Wishes. And i was wondering, how it looks like, and i finally figured it out. Well, i am very envy to my friends. Here are the photos that i collected from some sites if you’re wondering too.


22 thoughts on “Lampion Wishes on Vesak Day, Borobudur Temple, Indonesia

  1. It’s a dream of mine to see Borobudur. As a Buddhist Student, I was taught that pure-hearted Buddhist are able to see three auras coming out of the Borobudur temple: green, white and pink. It made me a little worried. I asked myself if I went there someday, what if I couldn’t see those lights? Would that mean that I am not a good person? 😀
    I am studying many backpacking blogs so that I can go there myself, one day! 😀

    • I understand your feeling as a Buddhist man.But i am a Moslem, and i want to go to Vesak Day in Borobudur too. I really want to release my own wish to the lampion someday, and enjoy the devout atmosphere. You can do it man, you can do it. 😀 😀

      • Thanks for the encouragement. 😀
        I guess if I got the chance to go there, I won’t be that worried anymore. I’m just gonna let things be. I am just a human being after all, not a saint or a holy man.
        Anyway, if you go there someday, remember to try to reach the wishing statue. They said that if you can touch the Buddha inside the stupa, your wishes might come true soon. 😀

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