I Have Kue Putu and Klepon Tonight :D

Like the old times, i remembered when i was 10 years-old, and i already finished my math homework then i went to terrace waited for sound of steam from Putu peddler. I was very excited on that time and i am still. When you visited Indonesia, you will find Putu peddler at the night time. But they are not stay in the one place, so they’re just walking around resident area. And pretty hard to find when you’re in big city.

Kue Putu is green, shaped cylinder with little size, the texture of Kue Putu was soft, inside of it was brown sugar already melted, so when you bite it, the sugar liquid was bursting out, and thats the fun part. This cake made of rice flour or fine grain of rice, brown sugar, and dessicated coconut. Then molded by bamboo and after that they steamed it. Pretty simple. Klepon is pretty the same but different, its hard to describe the differences, but all that you must know they are boiled, have a round shape, and also have melted sugar in it.

Its kind of nostalgic food for me, beacause i always eat it when i was kid, remains me home and luckily i still easily find it here. I really hope that kid nowadays know our humble traditional food like Kue Putu. I know it isnt a fancy food, and people thought that this kind of food is not something cool, so some people even kids just forgot this traditional treasure. Amazingly the seller is always the old, kind, humble, generously smile type of guy. So, i always had a good time to talk with them. I hope in next ten years i still able to find this food and people dont forget them.

And as bonus if you dont know the abbreviation of putu, you will be surprised! Funny. PUTU = Perusahaan Umum Tenaga Uap, or in english is A Common Enterprise of Steam Power :D. Comment down below if you ever eaten these or you like it too. I’ll be happy to read it. 😀

And tomorrow is a big day for me, im gonna meet my advisers of my thesis, and it’d been a year, and im already crazy right now. I want my engineering degree so badly and missing Riau. I hope tomorrow is good day.


25 thoughts on “I Have Kue Putu and Klepon Tonight :D

    • Thank you. Yes it is, the best part of that the melted sugar bursting out all over the place when you bite it. I hope its a good day for you too Gin. Thank you for reading my blog. 😀

  1. This looks really good! And I hope the meeting with your adviser went well. Maybe you could bring some kue petu and klepon to the meeting to make sure things go smoothly…

  2. I remember these from street vendors in Papua Barat! Beautiful little cakes – I rarely indulged, but often marveled at how pretty they were. It would be great to find a recipe. What fun!

  3. wiih, iya dulu pas masih kecil di Medan, saya juga sering beli putu bambu ini mbak… ntar kalau yg jualan datang, khas banget kedengeran tuuut tuut gitu 😀 (suara steam nya :D) ahh jadi kangen nih.. udah lama juga nggak makan putu ini..

  4. Halo acieee.. I know where you buy it and i know who abang2nya.. Ahahahahaa..

    Itu kamu motretnya kece deh.. Belajar dimana sih motretnya?? *salah fokus* tapi emang beneran bagus loh, ciii.. Bikin awak laperrr..

    Mampir dong ke blog aku, kawan kawan.. Hahahahaaa..

    • Hahaha iya, abang-abangnya itu lho kak yang ramah itu. Kita kayanya akrab bet ya kak ama abang2nya-sok kenal gitu. Yeee kangen ya kak kue putu inkud? 😛

    • nah itu berkat sok akrab dan mengakrabkan diri dengan abang-abang jualannya. coba deh nanti kalo beli ajakin ngobrol abang2 kue putu yang ramah itu,.

  5. Hiiiiiii, anggitacy, lam kenal ya…. Makasih dah mampir di blog aku. 🙂 aku mau liatin tulisan kamu ke anaku yaaaaa…… Dia lagi pengen banget punya blog…. Udah pernah nyobain ongol-ongol atau awug belum?….. Enak lho ga kalah sama putu dan klepon 🙂

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