Abandoned Book


On my previous post, i said that there will be a review about A Man On The Moon by Andrew Chaikin. And when i checked it again, i found that i posted the wrong photo. I think that was the first edition, and i have the second one. So, to be honest, i didnt read the book. It just stay on my desk with my other Hidrology books. I feel bad about it. I really want to read it, but i didnt have much time. I was busy about my research and campus, because i was panic and crazy about groundwater, intrusion, interface, and upconing recently.

So, I found it in grocery store about a month ago, in books section. And just knew that they had old books section. The book was pretty cheap, because its old book i guess. But it was in really really good condition. Although i didnt read it, i found some cool documentary photos and paints in it. And i want to share some of it with you. Here they are.

IMG_3906                                        IMG_3907

It has two covers, the outer cover was a pic at the top of Interpid’s ladder, before Conrad descens to the bright, dusty Ocean of Storm. And inner cover was just plain black hard cover with silver lettering on it.


The outer cover was torn 😦


Pete Conrad and his crew having coffee. See the gorrila toy in the corner? Cute. I thought it was the monkey who went to the space.


The fragile chunk od basalt from the Ocean of Storms rests in a scientiest’s gloves at Houston’s Lunar Receiving Laboratory. The rock had once been fractured, then coated with a thin layers of black glass, probably the result of high-speed meteorite striking the moon.


Allan Shepard trains for his Apollo 14 moon-walks in July 1970. For this second chance to fly in space, Shepard waited 10 years after his historic Mercury mission in 1961.


This one is probably my favorite, Jim Lovell carries four-year-old son Jeffrey on his shoulders as he looks ahead to his Apollo 13 mission. Lovely documentary photo.

These are not the coolest one but too many many cool documentary photos and paints in it, and i cant decide which one that the coolest one. Bunch of stories and its kind of like historical spacemen or something. Well, may be i figure it out later. I didnt regret that i bought it. I have a plan that  im gonna bring it home and read it in Riau, i feel bad if i dont.

Please comment down below if you ever read the first edition, i would like to read it. Thank you for stopping by. See ya 😀


3 thoughts on “Abandoned Book

  1. I am glad you rescued this book ! If it came to you it must have a message for you 🙂
    Even if you do not read it for years , you can smile thinking about this ! Enjoy !
    Thank you for stopping in to my site 😊
    Cheers and keep writing , I feel a strong humanity coming thru your words !

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