Sigur Ros, Mansyur S, Bee Gees, Ramon Tiar and Chrisye


Did you remember i mentioned that i love Sigur Ros so much? And i still listen Hopppipolla almost in every single morning. So, i think no one doubt their taste and quality of music. They are so good, and young folks love them like i do. Specially the brass section!! awesome!! Other than that i love Patrick Watson too, for me, they are one of the best musician in my generation. But i dont want to talk about  them right now.  I want to talk about the elders.

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Mansyur S, commonly known as famous Dangdut singer in Indonesia. Wait. You love dangdut? Well, literally yes, but the old ones. To be honest i dont like Dangdut nowadays, because its sounds cheap and slut-sorry. But yes it is. If you’re watching Dangdut Show, you can see the singer is seems like sluts-sorry again. I dont know what happened in Dangdut World, but i dont like their taste lately. But, i really like Mansyur S’s song called “Rembulan Bersinar Lagi”. Really really good song, i listened to it since i was in 11-years-old until now sometimes. And surprisely one of my friend was a Dangdut Gitarist on his college band. Its called Orkestra Semi-Dangdut Himpunan Mahasiswa Tambang ITB. They are so unique and funny, cute Dangduters. Im a huge fan of them. Seriously.

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And this guy is Ramon Tiar. Because im originally Minangnese, my parents love to listen minangnese songs. They love Ramon Tiar. I listen to his song a lot lately, may be because i am homesick. The song that i loke most is ‘Dindin Badindin or Tari Indang’. Every minangnese love this old song i guess, really cheerful song.

Dindin badindin oi dindin badindin, dindin badindin oi dindin badindin, di Pariaman ooi baralek gadang…

chrisye maaf copyChrisye. Who doesnt love him? Oh c’mon. Every single person in Indonesia love this maestro. I think Indonesian people who doesnt love him has no ears, or their ears are gagged by mouse pad. 


Bee Gees!! Yeeay. My dad is karaoke person. When i was kid, my dad always did karaoke in our home every sunday. And he always sang Bee Gees specially ‘How Deep Is Your Love”. I think my dad has really good taste of music. Now, he still has their album on his car. And when i was still playing Mellophone-(ooh i miss the old Mellophone no.6), this was one of my favorite song to play.

These people are on my playlist in couple days, they are too good too compare with another musician in my generation. So, if you’re wondering about them, here are the links.

Sigur Ros :

Tiar Ramon :

Chrisye :

Mansyur S :


Do you like Sigur Ros or Bee Gees too? Or if you were Indonesian, do you like Dangdut or your old folk song? Comment down below, i would like to read it. 😀 Salam dangdut, see ya..


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