Dogfruits and Stinky Beans are Extremely Expensive Today

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I just read about Dogfruits and Stinky Beans. And i was shock that they are so expensive today. If you lived in Southeast Asia specially Indonesia, you problaby know Jangkol and Petai. Dogfruits or Jengkol or Archidendron pauciflorum is kind of pea family and grows well in reddish soil. Some people said that  this bean is very distinguishable, but i can say, hmmm actually its pretty good. People steamed it and eat it with sambal, or deep fry it. But Minangnese people like my grandmother cooked it in Curry or Rendang, or Kalio Jengkol with a lot of spices.

jengkol gulaiMinangnese Kalio Jengkol

Dogfruit or Jengkol or Jengkie is  associated with bad, smelly aroma. They contained sulfur in it. So it gives you dreadful bad breath if you eat it. It is suggested to buy lots of toilet air-freshening products if someone decides to eat dogfruits at home. And prepare that your toilet is gonna extremely smelly for days.

How about Petai? Petai or Australian called Stinky Beans or Parkia specioca, it bears long, flat edible beans with bright green seeds the size and shape of plump almonds which have a rather peculiar smell, Indonesian freakin love it, they just steamed it or eat it raw, my mom said Petai is delicious, but it  has a bad aroma, just like Jengkol.

images (4)Petai or Stinky Beans

So, these exotic fruits are extremely expensive today in Indonesia, even more expensive than meat. Oh God Why? I dont know how can it be, but i feel so sorry for people who big big  fans of Petai and Jengkol who eat it everyday. You are all must be so sad.  I suggest you to eat meat for a while, just wait until Petai and Jengkol are bit cheaper. And wait until “Gondjang Gandjing Pete/Jengkol Nasional”  are abated.

Kak Iesta quote “Kalo lu dongkol makan Jengkol, dijamin rejeki lu nyenggol geol geol” – If your’re mad, eat Jengkol, and then your fortune is coming to you.

If you want to know more about these Exotic fruits, or you’ve ever eaten these, or if you’re Indonesian and big fan of it, please comment down below. I’d be happy to read it. Have a great sunday everyone.


9 thoughts on “Dogfruits and Stinky Beans are Extremely Expensive Today

  1. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog and it’s nice to read more on these two controversial fruits. I didn’t know that jengkol=dogfruit and petai is called stinky beans.

    • You’re welcome, i made it because of yours.. i was shock! its so so expensive, young folks wont believe that Dogfruits and Stinky Beans are more more more valuable than their cool pizza or pasta at the mall. 😀

    • Really? Wah, iya pak. Cangkangnya warnanya hitam, trus jengkol itu menyatu satu sama lain tak beraturan. Cangkangnya juga keras, tapi ringan sekali. Jadi sangat efektif melindungi biji jengkol yang berharga didalamnya. Begitulah kira-kira. I knew it because i have the old big Jengkol tree in my granny’s house.

  2. Terimah kasih untuk menyukai blog saya di BuildingMyBento! Apakah kamu beritahu Jalan Sabang?

    Ah, so that’s jengkol. Belum pernah coba, I think. But petai, I’m too familiar with it! Though, durian is still a bit more painful for bule!

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