Another Dahlias Blooming

64987_10200338401812711_171337252_nThese pictures belong to Mr.Erison J Kambari- again. I realized that i posted so many his pictures, but you know, they are amazing, amazing! so i put it here. And other than that, i want to introduce you all about the amazing Sumatra, specially West Sumatra. Like previous picture its pretty much the same, there are bunch of dahlias in front of Rumah Gadang or The Great House of Minangnese. Pretty pretty and pretty.

402872_302890569762444_301997476518420_958431_338648327_n_resize (1)

And this one is interesting. You know The Hobbit of Tolkien right? Ofcourse you know. If you watched the video blog making The Hobbit from Peter Jackson, you might slightly recognize this place. I would say its pretty much-hmmm little bit πŸ˜› the same with the location that they shot in New Zealand. May be they’ll put it in second or third film this or next year. I will figure out where is it exactly in West Sumatra..

Well, tommorow is my another big day (finals week). I’ve worked this intrusion in groundwater reseach for all year long, so wish me luck. πŸ˜€



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