Baths – Miasma Sky!

baths_poster_web (1)

Hello, good morning.  Again im gonna give you some cool music to share. Here is my new babe, Miasma Sky from Baths. If you’re full time student like me, and you had so many things to work on, sometimes you need songs to keep you stay awake all night long. Here is a prefect music for you. At the first you’ll get rain sound which is give you some freshness and coolness, and then voila the music that kind of playful but somewhat downcast mix of languid, with clipped vocals, beeps and bleeps. 😀


I cant stop listened this song (you’ll be hooked too). It helps me to study, because i dont have to follow the music and pay attention to lyrics. I already gave credit to Daft Punk who accompanied me for nights since 2009, specially on my finals weeks. And im gonna get my engineering degree in weeks (yeeey gonna get home soon), and i think im gonna take this song as my new study soundtrack.

And if you have study soundtrack too like me, please comment down below, share it,  i’d happy to read it. 😀


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