How To Drink Coffee Like Indonesian

image-upload-158-751646If you are wondering how Indonesian people drink their morning-daytime-afternoon-night coffee? Here it is, from saucer! Yeaah!  When i was kid, i always saw grandfathers slurp their coffee from saucer at local coffee shop. Why? to make it even colder ofcourse and for fun as well. And the awesome part about Indonesian Coffee is you can get nice of black coffee only on 0.2 USD or “dua rebu perak”. Pretty cheap. And then you sit among the elders in local coffee shop or street vendors talking about politics, Mr. President, corruptions, wife, kids, education, sallary, la la la la…. That is truly Indonesian way, dont forget, The Saucer!

If you’re Indonesian and loveeeeee  to drink you coffee that way, comment down below or if you lived overseas and miss it, comment down too. If you want to know about another Indonesian things comment down below too 😀 ..I’d be happy to read it. 😀 😀 byebye


22 thoughts on “How To Drink Coffee Like Indonesian

  1. My family has small “Kedai” for drink coffee or tea, so everyday i saw that unique habits of Indonesian or especially Minangnese. and also I proud as Minangnese, because we have special coffee called “Kawa”.

  2. di Aceh ada beragam dan unik cari minum kopi, mulai dari minum langsung dari gelas kecil, menyedu ke piring kecil seperti gambar di atas dan ada juga membalikkan gelas (kopi tubruk) yang khas ada di Aceh Barat dan masih banyak cara khas lainnya 😀

    Aceh Coffee numero uno dah 😀

  3. When I was a kid, my late Grandpa brought me to a small coffee-shop in our neighborhood. He always ordered a milked tea for me (they put sweet condensed milk instead the fresh one, of course). Just like any other big guys in the coffee-shop, I drank my milked tea the “adult way”, meaning I was using the saucer. LOL

    • Ooow really? LOL, condensed milk tea, haha i can imagine that.
      I was thought that black coffee and saucer only for old dudes, more black their coffee it means more bitter their life. What a dumb kid (me). 😀

      • No, haha.. I just thought when people were baby they got-white milk, then kid got-chocolate milk, teenagers-milk coffee and old dudes got darker one which is black coffee. And i thought as long people got older they got more problem and their drink get darker too. Hhahaha,so i was wrong, in early 20s i got black coffee.

      • Ha ha ha
        That was a way to put it… and it was kind of true, wasn’t it? At least for me it is. I did drink milked coffee when I was a teen and then I try espresso when I go to college. I decided that it was too strong for me so I run back to my comfort drink, which is tea.
        Now, coffee is a recreational drink for me. I drink it when there is some fun factors happening. For example, I will be able to try coffee from Aceh this Monday because a friend is sending me some from Banda Aceh. 😀

      • Wow, what a lucky. Aceh coffee, so valuable, expenssive.
        I started drink black coffee sometimes no sugar when i was second year in college. Hanging out too much with boys and oldmen. But all of it just the cheapest one. (Kapal Api, dua rebu perak)

      • LOL
        I had no idea that Coffee from Aceh is so expensive. I have not much knowledge about coffee. I have been drinking free coffees sent by friends or given to me as souvenirs. So far I have tried coffee from Sidikalang (North Sumatra), Toraja, Bali, Deli (also North Sumatra) and Kopi Luwak from Java (this one, I know, is expensive. LOL).

  4. When we talking about coffee, we have to be proud as Indonesian. There are so many type of coffee that are well-known worldwide. Such as, Mandheling a.k.a Sumatran coffee, Lintong, Toraja, Flores and the latest was Papua coffee. Don’t be surprised if I say that the coffee shop from other country such as Starb***s, or other famous brand, they even buy the coffee from Indonesia (in terms of green bean)

    Indonesia was the 4th largest coffee producing area after Brazil, Vietnam and Colombia. And we should say thanks to Dutch that already brings coffee to Indonesia.

    About serving method, I would like to share about paper drip coffee. It is a nice way to enjoy coffee, especially for premium coffee. Now drinking coffee is not only about sipping the coffee, but you also can enjoy the way you brew coffee. Paper drip coffee is very famous in Japan and starting to spread worldwide. For more information about drip coffee, you can ask help from Mr Google. Just type “paper drip coffee” and it will show up. The famous brand for the tools was Kalita and Hario (both from Japan).

    Anyone who knows about new or interesting serving method, please share with us and we highly appreciate it. Btw, just correct me if I’m wrong. Thank you.


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