Beautiful Highland Crown


I think i am not the only one who thought that Minangnese crown is the most beautiful crown that i ever seen. Maybe because its huge big heavy golden crown, and make every woman who wear it look like a queen.

It made of layered gold ornaments to form the large huge crown.
There are three types of layers in the crown, the bottom layer is a row of flowers ‘Bunga Serunai’ that reach 3-5 Sarunai layers. Then on the middle, ‘Bunga Gadang’ rows 3-5 sieve layers. ‘Kembang Goyang’ ornament placed on the top layer. Voila big giant Minangnese Crown.

601542_3968363346867_1189034694_nMinangnese Bride

Suntiang or Minangnese Crown so large and heavy, brides should wear it during wedding event. This means that women are required in addition physically strong,  she must also assume responsibility for the household later. With suntiang above the head, it means no matter how hard and how heavy their responsibilities, Minangnese Women ‘Anak Daro’ should be stunning and smiling  everytime.

As bonus, if you’re caucasian and wondering how its look like if you wear them, here it is.

4833047692_0fbc406416_zSo beautiful, right?

Do i want to wear them on my wedding day? Of course! Although so many people said “aah Anggita you are not the truly Minangnese, la la la la…” I dont care :D.

Thank you for stopping by this time, see ya 😀


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