Desert Rose

Sting-MamiAgain, again and again, i share song that i really like, and on my playlist for years, specially when i was on field. I knew this song when i was in elementary school, long time ago. And i thought that hmmm i was a cool kid.LOL.  This song was used for soundtrack of Malaysian TV commercial years ago. First time i thought, oh boy, its a amazing music. Modern music with Arabic (Algerian)  twist. And it reminds me home, because i listened to it almost everyday when i watched TV.

This song was so popular in 1999, and i think Sting is still need Cheb Mami to sing this song, because Cheb Mami is unreplaceable. This is the link if you want to listen (sadly without Cheb Mami, but they had Orchestra)

But if you want more Cheb Mami, go for this link

I warn you if  you listened this song at public place, because i afraid that you would shake your body and dance.


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