Nightlife During Ramadan


Ramadan is coming in weeks, and then i remembered of my childhood at home during Ramadan. For me, Ramadan always has its own uniqueness. Like the old times traditions such as play fireworks among kids still cheer for the fasting month. And i remembered when i was really really small kid, 5 years-old i guess, me and my brother always begged our dad for fireworks as reward of fasting or as reward of Taraweeh.

We usually play fireworks after breaking fast or Taraweeh in mosque. And other than that our dad was really creative dad, he made small flambeau or torches from cans and placed it all over the garden, and we played there too, in meanwhile our mom and dad watched at us and chilled at the garden.  And its a beautiful reminiscence of my childhood during Ramadan.

And think the tradition of playing fireworks for Indonesian kids during Ramadan is a good thing. Because it brings the happiness, smile and excitement. Its quite cheering at night, as long as not excessive or disturbing. Do i still play fireworks in Ramadan at home? Ofcourse! My brother is a really really good guy,when he at home, he always buy fireworks for our little cousins and play together with rest of us.


9 thoughts on “Nightlife During Ramadan

  1. I am not a Muslim but I always enjoy Ramadhan. There is something holy yet festive in the air. My personal Ramadhan tradition include buying lots of date-fruits (to eat, to cook and to bake), visiting Ramadhan Fair (the people were so nice to me, even though it was vividly clear to them that I was there for the foods) and watching the after mid-nite before-Sahur shows on TV.

    • Really? you are totally the same with my friends. Even my friends skip lunch in order to felt bit hungry and then they were hunting for foods in Ramadan Fair, and joined breaking fast with me. Totally awesome. 😀 😀

      • I used to live in a boarding house when I was in high school. I made lots of friends and got many new experiments. I used to help them cook for Sahur and Breaking Fast, which is why I know pretty much Indonesian cuisine. (and they loved my fruit kolak, too! LOL)

      • Ha ha ha
        I believe you can make many more other treats and do many other things that I probably cannot imagine making or doing. 😀
        Anyway, your blog is so fun. I wouldn’t have known about dadiah, the traditional fermented milk from West Sumatra if I didn’t read it here. Looking forward to reading more posts here. 😀

      • Wooah, thank yoo so much. That means a lot to me. I hope i can keep posting about fun stuff or maybe do some vlogs. Thank you thank youuu *shake hands*

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