Blitar, East Java

Late post

Last year i was invited to join the Ancient Groundwater Team for research about Umbultuk Cave in East Java. Basically it was bit similar to Hang Son Doong in Vietnam, but way smaller. So, they want to find the hidden path of the cave, where its begin and where its end. Because Engineers believe that Umbultuk Cave has another path that branches off the hidden under hill. So they use Geoelectric instruments to find it. Hundred-thousand years ago, the Umbultuk Cave was sea, and then because of the Geology process it raised up and became hills and cave, no wonder there are so many limestones and coral reef there.

Awesome work, thank you for having me Groundwater Team, Ministry of Public Work 😀


12 thoughts on “Blitar, East Java

  1. I’ve heard that a picture says a thousand words… but would you pliz enlighten us with a word or two? 😀

      • Yes it was. That’s why i really interest with Han Son Doong. And i still amaze that the hills was the sea. And one day we run out food/snack and then they found cassavas and grilled it right into the flame. But its taste good (i was hungry).. 😀 😀

      • Trying to find new entrances of the cave and mapping them. It sounds so adventurous.
        Naturally grilled cassava are gooood. My friends and I once made it by toasting them into burning charcoals and leaves. We peeled the burned.

  2. Hi, Anggita. Seems like it was quite an adventure you had there. The hidden path of the cave… Hundred-thousand years ago the cave was sea…

    Btw, orang Indonesia, kan? Kita bahasa Indonesia aja, yah, hehe… Salam kenal 🙂

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