Do you have one of these at home?

kursiiI dont know do you have these at your home, but i do. I think all of houses have it at least one, and my family is big fan of it. We have it in bathroom, in garden, in the backyard, (even my grandmother has it in the kitchen).

“Anggitaaa, ambiakkan bangku ketek ciek lu, latiah tagak ko “

“Anggitaaa, ambilkanlah dulu bangku kecil tu di dapur haa, capek kali berdiri ni haa”

“Anggitaaa, would you please grab the pink tiny chair for me?”

These teeny tiny chairs have colorful color such as pink, bright blue, green, yellow with cute stickers on it. I dont know why, i never found the fancy color of it like gold. But anyway, who needs fancy chairs when you washing stuff right? Yes, we use when we’re washing stuff like shoes, clothes, slippers, other than that my mom and dad use it when they’re gardening. Really put together with flowers and grass because of the color. And make my mom and dad look cute. These chairs totally useful in any occasion,Β have an important role in the daily activities of households Indonesian people.

I know, i know, Β its an unimportant shitty post. I dont know, i think no one ever wrote about these tiny chairs before, and i miss those chairs, because i dont have one of those here. πŸ˜€ yihiiy

Please comment down below if you have these chairs too, what color do you have?


21 thoughts on “Do you have one of these at home?

      • They are! They are more than just tools. They are one of the most recognizable things in the so-called small town romance.
        When I was a small kid, I saw the folks in my hometown gathering outside their houses in the evening, sitting on those chairs.They use the hand-fans to blow away the heat and burn some insect repelling incense. They talked about things while enjoying snacks. It’s a rare scenery nowadays.

  1. Wah tadinya aku juga punya satu yang mirip gitu, tapi beberapa hari lalu pecah waktu aku duduki. Mungkin karena sudah terlalu tua atau mungkin akunya yang keberatan πŸ˜€

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