Pisang Kapik, Wedged Banana

Hello i am back. So here is my first post after Idul Fitri. I dont know where to start but i think we might start from the sweet treat from Bukit Tinggi.

Pisang Kapik or wedged banana is one of my favorite treat, i think people would like it too. Semi-ripe bananas were grilled and then wedged by clamp thus forming a flattened round. Add some ‘Inti’ (i called it ‘Inti’, i forgot real name of it), Inti is grated coconut cooked with brown sugar. Voila, nice and warm Pisang Kapik ready to eat. Warm, sweet, sour, coconutty and smoky twist really put together when you eat it underneath Jam Gadang, enjoying minangnese atmosphere.

These unfancy treat became so fancy to me, because i had to wait once a year and fly across the islands to get those. You can get it in Pasar Atas Jam Gadang only on 5000 rupiahs per serve, i thought its expensive, i cant only eat one, at least three or five (im a huge eater). Years ago there was so many Pisang Kapik seller, but weeks ago i just found 3 of them. And i had to came twice because, at the first coming i was late, sold out at 4 pm and a day after that i finally succesed by 12 pm, a lot of effort.

“Ondeh…., mambayangkanย pisang kapik bakarambia tu encer lo aia liua awak deknyo…. Raso kalamak dikudok katiko sadang manonton bola.” means >>ย “Oh my, its sooooo good!”


11 thoughts on “Pisang Kapik, Wedged Banana

  1. There is a similar treat in my hometown. The difference is, the coconut topping is simply steamed (still white, not “inti”). As the final touch, the palm sugar syrup is poured all over the treat. ๐Ÿ˜€
    I miss it a lot. Nobody sells it anymore. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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