How to make Lopek Bugih

Hello, i am back again. Okay, now, im gonna show you how to wrap Lopek Bugih. If you dont know what it is, its a traditional sweet treat from my homeland. My lovely grandmother usually made it in special occation. Its a soft green rice cake with ‘inti’ inside of it ( i hope you still remember what ‘inti’ is in my previous post), and then wrapped by banana leaves.

Lets start. You’ll need rice flour, pandan, salt, coconut milk, oil, ‘inti’ and banana leaves.


Before somebody ask me how to make the dough, im gonna explain it to you. You have to mix pandan juice with rice flour and pinch of salt.


After that you have to knead the dough into like this. (Its easy, if too watery add more flour, if it become a stone add more water)

IMG_4124 IMG_4127

The you have it, a nice green Lopek Bugih dough. Lets make preparation for wrapping things. First, you have to heat banana leaves slightly, to make it loose. Do not skip this step, its important, really important! (it add some smoky flavor too)

IMG_4114 IMG_4118

Next, lets wrap. No matter how difficult for me to wrap it, but i think its gonna be easy for you. “its super easy” said mom.

1. IMG_4134



4. IMG_4138


6. IMG_4144

7. IMG_4159

i am too lazy to put some words on step 1-6. All you have to do is you make cone shape by banana leaves, lets pretend that the top of the cone is the head. Put the head down, then you put the dough inside it. After that make two legs, then fold the legs and make sure one of the leg find some gag to put in. There you have it, a nice piramid shape of Lopek Bugih. (this stupid explanation wont help, you can warp it in your way anyway)

8. IMG_4160

9. Steam it about 30-40 minutes

Super long post. Any question?

“Dear Anggita, can you make it?” – “No”

“Dear Anggita, is that good?” – “Really good”

“Dear Anggita, can you show how to make ‘inti’? – “No, but i’ll ask my grandmother how to make it when im home”

“Dear Anggita, can we just buy ‘inti’? – “No, you cant, nobody sell it”

“Dear Anggita, can we just buy it?” – “Yes, if you’re in west sumatra, you’ll find it in every local market, and you can buy itu too in Bangkinang-Riau, plenty vendors of Lopek Bugih.”

Bye everyone, thank you for coming by. :3


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