Karupuak Laweh Mi

Sorry for all of my post ย lately about foods. When i visit my home, i was crazy about food food and food. Today im gonna introduce you ‘Karupauk Laweh Mi’ just say it in the real minangnese name, i wont translate it in english. Its more interesting if you say “Karupuak laweeeeeh, i want karupuak laweh” or “karupuak laweh looks good, drool, drool, drool…”

You know what it was only 3000 rupiahs! Spread satay’s dressing (Minangnese Satay) all over the cracker then put some noodle. Thats it. Simple but i love it so much. If you visit west sumatra and want a filling snack, this the one. Too good to be missed.


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