As a person who doesnt have a personal vehicle, I always use public transport such as buses. Many times I found that buses very crowded and full of people at certain hours such as early morning or late afternoon.

Yesterday I got in the bus and I came early so I got seat and I sat in the corner by the window, the bus was full. Kind of nice bus because its comfortable, and there is air conditioning. Then there was a old man, and he did not get a seat so he stood the whole way. If I was sitting next to him or near, i would gladly give my seat. It was too crowded to get through to him. I noticed there was a young man sat beside him and the other middle-aged man around 40s and they did nothing. I really hope someone gave the old man a seat. And 3 minutes later, a young woman, the same age as me and she gladly gave his seat to the old man.

Not because I am a good person. No! but all that I know about Indonesian culture is courtesy and respect to old people. Honestly for me its not because ‘respect’ thing but more to the logic. Just imagine, they’re old, and still had to use the public transportation. Some of them even difficult to walk. Because they’re old, they do not have as much energy as we were. And should they standing all through the journey? *2 hours* No way. If you dont agree with me, you are nasty.

I sometimes imagine if they were my parents. Sad. I am very hopeful Indonesia more advanced in life, but I do not expect Indonesia advanced in the collapse of the level of politeness. Are we still a country that has a high level of politeness? Is the current generation has forgotten the lesson “PKN” in elementary school?


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