Inside The Local Thursday Market, West Sumatra (Part 1)


Hello again, long time no post, and now 2014!! Wow time flies. This year i hope i can be more active and productive, so i can share lovely things from my life and my culture for everyone. 2013 was nice and amazing, i’ve been graduated and 2013 gave me a chance to have a new life being a student again. New campus, new life, horee!!

So, i spent whole December in West Sumatra, visited and took care my Grandmother. Things that i like about live at small village are i could have really nice air, nice soil to play (gardening), foods, old people were so nice and the local market (i like it a lot). We lived at small village Padang Kandis, Payakumbuh. Local market only open for Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, the biggest of all is Thursday Market. May be for Indonesian people there is nothing interesting about local market because its dirty, smelly, blahblah. But for me, local market always interesting, because something unique inside of it. For example, in West Sumatra there are couple things that you will find : 1. Satai (Minangnese Satai), 2. Lamang, 3. Es Cindua and friends, 4. Karupuak Sanjai, and  5. Nasi Kapau.

1. Satai

IMG_4908 IMG_4862 IMG_4863 IMG_4913

Im telling you, if you want to find out how the indonesian traditional food taste like, please dont eat at restaurant, go to local market, get your feet dirty, go inside the plastick tent, sit on wooden bench, and eat right there, thats the best way to find out. Do you like Satai Padang or Minangnese Satai? Ooo, you dont know what it is? want more pics? Okay.

IMG_4907 IMG_4918

Want me to explain it? no i wont, find out for yourself, just one word, DELICIOUS! 😛

2. Lamang

Lamang is glutinous rice cooked with coconut milk inside bamboo. Minangnese people eat it with Durian or Tapai (fermented rice). Its savory, smooky and salty, thats why we eat it with something sweet. Some comments from my friends, “you guys eat durian with what? lamang? really? that kind of rice? so wierd.” Hahaha, may be it sounds wierd but, its good, trust me, i wouldnt lie to you, most of minangnese eat Durian that way, with Lamang. Because Lamang is sort of rice, so we (minangnese) eat Lamang and Durian as breakfast, lunch or dinner. Sounds wierd again, but yes we do.

IMG_4875 IMG_4876 IMG_4878

3. Es Cindua and friends

Why i call it Cindua and Friends, because there are so many stuff in it such as Cindua (cendol), Sumsum porridge, Black Rice Porridge, Lupis, Coconut milk, milk, melted brown sugar and and …. i forgot the rest of it. Im so sorry there is no picture about the final product, forgive me but please just imagine it, just put it all together. Because i was so full eating satay on that day so for desert i just ordered Lupis (first picture). Its triangle shape of glutinous rice, coated with grated coconut, eat with coconut milk and melted brown sugar.

IMG_4897 IMG_4901 IMG_4903 IMG_4904

Hohoho, im tired and full, so i hope you enjoy it. I will write the Part II soon as possible, and there are more story i would like to share, like waiting for Durian under the durian tree at 3 AM in the morning. Soon, soon, so bye. Have a good day. 😀


7 thoughts on “Inside The Local Thursday Market, West Sumatra (Part 1)

  1. OMG! How delicious they all look!
    How does Es CIndua taste like? I’m pretty curious! I’ve never mixed them all up like that! LOL! 😀

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