Durian! Durian Madness!!


December oh december, durian knows how to celebrate New Year. Why? because Durian Madness always on December in Payakumbuh, West Sumatra. Like i said before, minangnese people are crazy about King of Fruits, sometimes we eat it as breakfast, lunch, even dinner. Eventhough some people said, “uugh its smell awful”, ahaa you should take second chance, its good, its exotic, its so hearty.

Okay, let start talk about what happened on December 2013. I spent whole December in Payakumbuh, my hometown. My family had about 4 durian trees, unfortunatelly just one tree which had fruits. The durian tree is about 30-40 years old, my mother said, her grandfather planted it. Its so tall, really tall, same height with coconut tree.


Our Durian Tree

Because not every family has durian tree, so whole people got insane. Why? some of them stealling others at midnight. I would say, durian is kind of precious fruits for minangnese people. In 23th of December morning, my father talk about stealling durian in our village. They were teenage boys and stole durians around 1AM-5AM. No, no no!! My father and my mother decided to stay whole night under durian tree. I was thinking, “wow thats crazy” Because it was so dark, im not kidding its dark, so dark on that place, no lights plus lot of graves right beside it. But, dreaming eating fresh durian, beated our fear. So, we stayed whole night under “Pondok” i dont know how you would call it in english, and we built tent too for my little cousin.


Our Pondok

I learned so many things about durian, i would call myself Durian Expert. So basically durian would fall 24 hours, as long as it wants. Most productive time is around 4-6AM. If at day the weather was so hot and at night was so cold, durian fruits would fall crazily around 2-6AM. I know that because i asked my grandmother and i’ve spent nights under durian tree.

Waiting durian is so tiring, and funny thing is we had schedule, i always took sleep (going home) in the morning, and my father was still in pondok. In the afternoon we swiched. Do you know how it sounds when it falls?

BRAAK!!!(1 Durian), BRAAK BRUUK!! ( 2 Durians), BRAAK BRUUK GUBRAK!! (3 Durians)


Aha! See?!! Lets take look closely. 


  Durian madness! (we had tons of durians in our kitchen during December)

You may be wondering, why we did that? Why dont you just buy it in market? Okay, most of our family not lived in village. We lived in city (Riau), they were born and raised in village long ago like my mom, so eating our own fresh durian is a special thing for us. We collected our durian, and delivered it to our other family members in Riau. And for me, collecting durian is so amusing and fun, eventhough its tiring.

Like my father said on that time, “I was lucky married your mom, because these experiences were so wierd and you should proud that we had that, not every kids has wierd crazy life like us.”



11 thoughts on “Durian! Durian Madness!!

  1. Thankyou for sharing about durian. They are one of my favourite fruits too. Do you know if people who grow durian to sell also wait for them to fall out of the tree or do they pick them? Durian are so spiky that it would be a tough job harvesting them!

    • I think they waited them to fall, because my grandmother said, if you picked them from tree,durian fruits would be worse and worse in next several years.
      Yes, but they just fall 1 fruit per hour or per two hours, so it save. But if you scared, wear an helmet to keep your head. 😀 😀 thank you for reading bu cathy.

  2. di daerah saya (Panyabungan) juga banjir durian kalo musimnya..merata sampai ke Medan sana..hah..jadi pengen es durian, kolak durian! 😀

    btw seru bgt momen nunggu durian jatuhnya.. 😀

    salam kenal yaa.. 🙂

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