Bika, Minangkabau version of cake!

I love Bika! Bika is a traditional small cake baked in with ‘Daun Waru’ or waru leaves (Hibiscus tiliaceus L).Β You can find it on local market in West Sumatra weekly (like thursday market) in morning. Fortunatelly i found the recipe on Minangnese Community on facebook. I bet you want to try it at home, so i should probably write them up. You’ll gonna need :

250 g of rice flour, 200 g fermented cassava (tapai), 200 g sugar, 300ml coconut milk, 150g grated coconut and baking powder.

Here we goes, mix rice flour, fermented cassave and sugar evenly, then add coconut milk gradually and mix until it combined. Last, add coconut grated and baking powder, stir it. Let it settle for 30 minutes or hours before bake. Add Daun Waru in muffin tins and fill it after that put it on baking sheet and bake in hot oven.

For the record, i never try this recipe. This cake is kind of dry cake and has crumbs. It isnt too sweet but so coconuty. Perfect for breakfast or night. The most famous Bika in West Sumatra is Bika Mariana in Koto Baru, Bukit Tinggi. I sugest to come at night, why? because Koto Baru is so cold at night and you’ll be hungry and Bika served right from the hot oven, perfect.


15 thoughts on “Bika, Minangkabau version of cake!

    • ga ada isinya bang chris, gitu doang. Kalo di Bukit Tinggi emang jualannya malam-malam, wah makannya panas2, asepnya masih ngepul2 gitu, ditemenin kopi, wah dahsyat bang. πŸ˜€

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