My thought about marriage

Hi again, its been long time.

To be honest i kind of sad to see my friends who act like teens on social media, and complain about how single they are. I dont thing being single in a bad thing. Im 25th now, and i think its okay to stay single. Some of my girlsfriends who still single always post something on social media about their crush. They post it on some code, love codes, so they crush can read it and translate it. If they are lucky, they crush gonna make a move towards them. Alright lets be real, boys dont read love codes. I feel sad about how insecure they are because they are still dont have boyfriend/husband. Some of my girlfriends have great attitute about it. They feel confindent, they focus to be good person, more religious, and stay happy. I truly understand why women in my age feel insecure being single, because of society. Our parents, aunts, uncles and other people around force us to anwers they ultimate questions :

“when will you get married?”

“you are old enough dear, dont be over 30, think about it. why do you still single?”

“look around,  Chelsea already get married, even Evan is going to get married next month, he is younger than you. when will you?”

I totally understand our parents, they just want to see you happy with someone. Have family, have kids. They want to be part of our live being grandparents. But ladies, looking for the right one is not like buying a dress. You’ll gonna spend you whole life with him. If i lived for 80 years, and i get married at 25th years old. So, i spend 55 years live with someone. I mean, i only have 25 years to be alone, being myself, being the best just for myself. So being single is not a bad thing. But, i dont suggest to not find the mr.right. Be a good person for yourself, being happy, being smart, being independent, men will come eventually. Please stop send love code on social media, and being sad. Work hard, stay beautiful, workout, help people, hangout with families, those are more than enough to attract a good man.

I really want to get married someday, but i dont like being force with someone or society. Married is a personal thing for me. Is not about age, is not about what other people say, is about my happiness. If im going to get married someday, i really want to have small wedding for my family and close friends. I dont like the way Indonesian make marriage/wedding is super expensive. I dont get it. Really. Some people even take huge debt to have big wedding, and then spend years to pay it off afterward. What?? what is that? To be honest, after marriage i really want to built my own house, not paying debt.

Some people are crazy because of society. Dont be that people.

Girls, be happy, be smart, be independent and stay beautiful your man will come eventually.



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